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About Natural Nuggs

Exotic premium flower crafted for you.

Natural Nuggs, licensed in the state of North Carolina, is a craft premium exotic flower operation, grown in a certified hygienical environment for biologic methods and organic best practices.


Natural Nuggs serves a specialized segment of the Hemp and Cannabis industry with a focus on the following three fundamentals…


1. Pure Organic Integrity

2. Holistic Cultivation

3. Whole Plant Medicinal Efficacy


To accomplish those three fundamentals, the following are critical…

1. Properly developed grow facilities

2. Superlative stable genetics (view video from our geneticist)

3. High-level organic cultivation skills


The result is full-spectrum, whole-plant concentrates that smell, taste, and test at the highest level of medicinal effectiveness. This innovative process maintains the True Organic Value or “Composition” of the plants’ medicinal potential without the added physical deterioration which distorts the final product. This is Natural Nuggs passion.

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View a video from our geneticist


Natural Nuggs produces premium flower in 100% organic medium and amendments in a completely sealed and environmentally controlled indoor facility for our customers.


We are partnered with Green Luster Phenos, LLC. for our genetics and are a Certified Master Grower™ from Hemp Geo Institute, LLC., and only use their genetics, processes, consulting in our production.


We only sell what we produce to ensure the highest quality product is available to our customers.


We are currently producing a limited quantity on a monthly basis with plans for future expansion in an additional indoor sealed facility that will more than double production.


We believe only the best product should be used in our bodies as well as our family pets.

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